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Precision Components

QSIL Ceramics develops and produces ceramic precision components for applications in plant engineering, in process engineering, in sensor technology as well as in toolbuilding. After the sintering process, the precision components require mechanical processing, usually by means of grinding. 

  • surface grinding
  • external cylindrical grinding
  • internal cylindrical grinding
  • centerless grinding
  • honing (surface honing, superfinish, internal honing)
  • boring
  • lapping, polishing

Precision treatment allows to observe close tolerances according to DIN ISO 2768-m or better. It allows to generate specific surfaces/functional surfaces which may have tribological properties.

Kolben, Plunger aus Technischer Keramik, plunger made of technical ceramic
» Plunger
Wear resistance, corrosion resistance and low specific weight are arguments supporting the use of ceramic plungers in high-performance pump manufacturing.
Spezialauskleidung aus Technische Keramik / special ceramic lining, technical ceramic
» Tailor-made linings
We offer you tailored linings made of oxide ceramics in order to meet the ever-growing demands in high-purity processes. High-performance ceramics and their unique properties enable the use even under extreme conditions.
Keramik Gleit- und Dichtring - ceramic seal
» Sealing Elements
Media-lubricated sealing systems with ceramic seal rings are established as axial shaft seals. Ceramic is also recommendable due to its wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
Ventilkugel aus technischer Keramik / ceramic ball made of technical ceramic
» Components for Valves
Valves and fittings in various versions are used to control abrasive and corrosive transport media.
Isolator aus technischer Keramik / ceramic insulator made of technical ceramics
» Insulators
The trend towards miniaturization in electrical engineering & electronics requires reliable isolators with a high specific resistance and dielectric strength.
» Precision Components for Apparatus Engineering
This is where ceramic materials can prove their strengths. High precision and special materials are important modules for machine elements.
» Components for Sensor Technology
Ceramic components allow for high measurement accuracies and stability over long periods of time and the use of sensors in aggressive media.
Sichtrad aus Technischer Keramik / classifier wheel made of technical ceramic,
» Components for Powder Processing
Wear resistance, inertness and a low specific weight allow for performance leaps with classifiers and other equipment used for powder processing.
» Other Precision Parts
Machine elements made of technical ceramics are recommendable due to their wear resistance, their hardness as well as the temperature and corrosion resistance for a multitude of applications.
» Components made of SiC and Si3N4
In order to extend our range of materials we are glad to offer you parts based on non-oxide ceramics silicon carbide (SiC) and silicon nitride (Si3N4).
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