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Bonding ceramics with other materials is required to specifically combine the different material properties of the join partners and to allow offering complex assemblies. This puts high demands on the constructive design of the join connection and to the choice of the join partner that needs to match with the ceramics.

Bonding itself may be realized by means of various technologies.

Metall-Keramik-Lötverbindung aus technischer Keramik / metal-ceramic brazed assembies made of technical ceramic
» Metal-Ceramic Brazed Assemblies
The ceramic-metal brazed connection is used in order to positively join ceramics to metal. It produces a mechanically stable, high-vacuum tight, durable connection meeting maximum demands.
» Adhesive Connections
Gluing allows a stable, positive connection of the most diverse materials. This technology has particularly established itself for ceramic composite assemblies.
» Other Connection Techniques
The connection technology allows to produce complex assemblies of different materials. The combination of the strengths of different materials opens up further applications to technical ceramics.
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