QSIL Ceramics http://www.barat-ceramics.com advanced ceramic solutions "de-de" QSIL Ceramics 29.03.2020 QSIL Ceramics at the Thermprocess 2019 Strong Together - First appearance of QSIL together with QSIL Ceramics at the &quot;Thermprocess&quot; 2019. http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=12448935F0C QSIL Ceramics 12448935F0C 26.06.2019 http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=15E75556EB3 QSIL Ceramics 15E75556EB3 12.09.2017 The team from Barat Ceramics looks forward to see you at the following shows: http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=16229D816A7 QSIL Ceramics 16229D816A7 29.10.2018 http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=16145A8F8D2 QSIL Ceramics 16145A8F8D2 17.06.2019 Barat Ceramics will participate at the &quot;Hannover Messe&quot; this year. http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=1635EB8EFE6 QSIL Ceramics 1635EB8EFE6 17.05.2018 http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=166C48E2BA8 QSIL Ceramics 166C48E2BA8 30.10.2018 CHINA MEDICAL EQUIPMENT FAIR 2018, Shanghai Strong interest in Barat Ceramics products at the CMEF 2018 in Shanghai. http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=16440761A79 QSIL Ceramics 16440761A79 27.06.2018 http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=166BEA1F5C3 QSIL Ceramics 166BEA1F5C3 29.10.2018 Achema 2018 Barat well presented at the ACHEMA http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=1644524059F QSIL Ceramics 1644524059F 28.06.2018 http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=166ECDBB187 QSIL Ceramics 166ECDBB187 06.11.2018 Barat Ceramics in Chicago - RSNA 2018 Barat went to Chicago, attending one of the largest science fairs in the area of medical imaging. http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=167CD57FC01 QSIL Ceramics 167CD57FC01 20.12.2018 QSIL acquires materials specialist Barat Ceramics Thuringian solution creates access to new markets, long-term stability and synergie http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=168272B2750 QSIL Ceramics 168272B2750 04.01.2019 http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=1687F215B5B QSIL Ceramics 1687F215B5B 24.01.2019 http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=1692F627A87 QSIL Ceramics 1692F627A87 27.02.2019 Barat selected to represent the EU in Korea Barat Ceramics GmbH joins exclusive circle of high tech companies representing EU in South Korea, China and Japan http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=16938841484 QSIL Ceramics 16938841484 01.03.2019 Barat Ceramics at the “Hannover Messe” 2019 First appearance of Barat Ceramics as part of the QSIL Group at the “Hannover Messe” 2019 http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=1693885CDF9 QSIL Ceramics 1693885CDF9 01.03.2019 http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=169A0BE0A74 QSIL Ceramics 169A0BE0A74 21.03.2019 Barat Ceramics successful presentation at the CMEF in Shanghai The CMEF is one of the biggest showcases for medical technology in the Asia-Pacific region. CMEF takes place annually in Shanghai with nearly 4,200 medical device manufacturers from over 28 countries present. CMEF attracts approximately 120,000 visitors from around the globe. http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=16AF983F95E QSIL Ceramics 16AF983F95E 27.05.2019 http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=16D25A36AD1 QSIL Ceramics 16D25A36AD1 12.09.2019 Ceramics Expo 21.-23. Seb 2020, Cleveland/Ohio For the first time QSIL Ceramics will exhibit at the Ceramics expo in Cleveland/Ohio<br> <br> http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=16ED5DE8C5C QSIL Ceramics 16ED5DE8C5C 05.12.2019 CMEF in Shanghai (09.-12. June 2020) The CMEF is one of the largest medical technology exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific region. The CMEF takes place annually in Shanghai. http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=16ED5E2BD30 QSIL Ceramics 16ED5E2BD30 05.12.2019 QSIL presents know-how and engineering for technical ceramics at the Hanover Fair 13.-17. July 2020 The Hannover Fair is the &quot;most important international platform for all technologies related to industrial transformation - with excellent innovations or unusual products&quot;. http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=1707C61932E QSIL Ceramics 1707C61932E 25.02.2020 FAQ Corona-Virus Important information for business partners and other interested parties from QSIL Ceramics GmbH http://www.barat-ceramics.com/www/barat/news/detail.htm?recordid=170E8DE7FB2 QSIL Ceramics 170E8DE7FB2 26.03.2020