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Material Testing

The reliability of our components is reached by monitoring the raw material and material quality during production. The following measuring and testing procedures are directly applied for production inspection and development with QSIL Ceramics:

  • Grain size analysis by means of laser granulometry
  • Identification of the specific surface by means of BET process
  • Identification of viscosity
  • Identification of tightness and porosity
  • Metallography
  • Light microscopy with digital image processing as well as scanning electron microscopy with EDX analysis
  • Hardness test (Vickers, Rockwell, penetration hardness)
  • Strength test by means of material testing machine (max. 20 kN)
  • Tactile and optical surface profile measuring
  • Dilatometry
  • Identification of coating thickness by means of X-ray fluorescence
  • Thermogravimetric analysis
  • Electrical dielectric strength

Moreover, we co-operate with renowned institutes and laboratories to have additional tests conducted.

Test certificates according to ISO 10204 can be co-ordinated and provided !

The following certificates are available:

  • KTW test certificate for materials AK97, AK99.5, AK99.9
  • WRAS test certificate AK99.5
  • Suitability for the contact with food for the material AK99.5
  • Pb- and Cd emission according to DIN EN 1388-1 for requisites from ZMK3.5, ZMK3.0, ZYK3

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